The inaugural IRL Clam Restoration Project Benefit was one for the record books, raising over $140,000 in one night. With only 3 months of planning, over 200 fishing enthusiasts from all across the country; including TV celebrities, charter captains, and fishing guides showed up at the Cocoa Civic Center in support of the project. The successful evening was spearheaded by local TV host, Capt Blair Wiggins of Addictive Fishing TelevisionCapt Blair spoke from experience growing up as a fishing guide on Florida's Space Coast. He shared his experiences and about how he witnessed the Indian River and Banana River water quality change when the clam population was decimated in the 1990's. 

Next up, Capt. Wiggins introduced the project clam master - Dr. Todd Osborne PhD. from the University of Florida's Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience in St. Augustine. Dr. Todd showed the standing room only audience the statistics behind the sustainable clam restoration project. Dr. Todd and Marine Biologist, Jose Nunez are spawning our future generation of clam filters to help water quality. It's what this fishery needs. The clam team including Jeff Beal from FWC, was then presented with the big donation of the night from the IRL Council for $103,322.00. Boom!


Capt Blair Wiggins sat in with good friend, Capt Jim Ross on his Catch A Memory Outdoors Radio Show this past Saturday. The two Space Coast locals talked about the IRL Clam Restoration Project and the October 5th fundraiser in Downtown Cocoa Village. The 3-hour show also featured a phone conversation with Dr. Todd Osborne Ph.D. from the Whitney Labs in St. Augustine, Florida. Dr. Todd was able to answer many questions about the project and give us a full update on how the project is proceeding.


You are invited to join Capt. Blair Wiggins and the IRL Clam Team on Saturday, October 5, 2019 at the Downtown Cocoa Civic Center and River Front Park for a fun evening with celebrities, great food, live and silent auctions to help raise money for the Indian River Lagoon Clam Restoration Project. Festivities start with a Kids’ Fishing Derby in the morning, Silent and LIVE Auction and Celebrity Dinner/Banquet in the evening - One Night of Fun for an Important Cause.

$200 VIP Tickets include Private Celebrity Dinner in the Porcher House. 

$50 General Admission includes Fish Fry and BBQ Dinner. 

Celebrities attending: 

Capt Blair Wiggins 
Roland Martin
Shaw Grigsby 
Capt CA Richardson
Carter Andrews 
Capt Rob Fordyce 
Capt Jim Ross
Capt George Clark Jr.
Krissy Wejebe
Bobby Lane
Josh Jorgensen

And more to be announced.


Limited space available so book as soon as possible. Events are subject to change.


Capt Blair Wiggins sat in on the Tom Rowland Podcast at ICAST 2019 Orlando and talked about his new clam project to help clean up the water quality on Florida's Space Coast. The Mogan Man spoke very candidly about what has happened to his hometown fishery. A human catastrophe that has taken place over the past 45 years. Sit back and listen to one of the most interesting fishing tv personalities on the planet as he tells us this tragic story and what he is doing about.

DONATE HERE - Every 10 cents puts one clam back to work!


Dr. Todd Osborne of Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, University of Florida sits down to explain what's wrong with the Indian River Lagoon system and what's the plan to address and fix it for the future. Donate, learn more, get involved: https://www.irlclamproject.com
Posted by Addictive Fishing on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

IRL Clam Project Update - Part 2
Dr Todd Osborne of Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, University of Florida with an update on the status of the project and a little more about Whitney Labs.
Posted by Addictive Fishing on Friday, July 5, 2019


This week we got to see firsthand what's going on with our Indian River Lagoon Clam Project, and, boy oh boy, are we excited! Capt. Blair Wiggins and the Addictive Fishing film crew recently spent the day with research scientists at the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bio-Science, University of Florida campus in St. Augustine, getting caught up on "Where are we now?"

Jose Nunez, Whitney Research Scientist, took Capt. Blair around to show him the main areas where the clams are being spawned, raised and then released. Jose is known as the "Clam Whisperer" on campus due to his ability to create the perfect conditions for clams to spawn. But first, let's back up just a bit . . . initially, Jose and a few other research scientists had to collect a brood stock, the super clam - clams found still surviving in the current conditions of the Indian River Lagoon. These clams are the clams we want to study and learn more about and the ones we want to reproduce.

Clams are synchronized spawners and there simply aren't enough of them in the IRL to do just that.  Jose has brought enough of them back to the Lab, and they have happily reproduced. Now, they are looked after and cared for in the "nursery" called Raceways. Once they get big enough to be released back into the wild (a controlled "wild" the Matanzas River right outside of Whitney Labs), they do so in a protective predator proof bag where they will grow strong and get big enough to be reintroduced into the Indian River and Banana River on Florida's Space Coast.

This is precisely where we are right now. Batches of the baby clams are being placed in a protected area in the Matanzas River getting ready for their next mission. Capt. Blair was lucky enough to be there on a day where Jose was doing just that . . . escorting the next batch of filter-feeding warriors to their post!

It's amazing stuff and we are honored to be part of such an incredible project. We are also so very thankful for the team of experts and scientists who are just as passionate as we are about bringing the Indian River Lagoon back to it's glory!

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We are happy to report that the IRL Clam Project is underway. The University of Florida gave us the go ahead, so a team from Whitney Labs traveled to the IRL to collect adult clams that made it through the harsh conditions. What the folks at Whitney Labs refer to as "super clams." They brought the specimens back to the lab and began the spawning process. 

Take a look at our 1 million babies! The marine biologists at Whitney Labs are raising the next generation of bivalve clams to help restore the Indian River Lagoon. The clam in hand is about 7 years old and that cloud of the little ones in the tub below are the new kids on the block. This is the future and what the IRL Clam Project is all about! 

These are what they call "raceways" . . . it's where the baby clams grow. Once they are of proper size and strength, that's when we can release them into the IRL for them to start the filtering and cleaning up the estuary!

We've been working extensively with our local legislators to help fund this project during the state session, and we've heard our request is in the budget. We were asked to submit our Clam Proposal again to the IRLNEP for grant funding, which was submitted last month by the FWC and University of Florida. We should have confirmation soon!!

We've raised $33,417.00 to date for this project with the help of the Fish American Foundation's $15,000 commitment but we need more DONATIONS to help bring the Indian River Lagoon back to the way it used to be. We are planning a big fundraiser this October on Florida's Space Coast so mark you calendars. Until next time, clam on!